Who owns Bayside Church?

The church is led by Senior Pastor Ray Johnston, Teaching Pastor Curt Harlow and Andrew McCourt, and Senior Worship Pastor Lincoln Brewster. John Jackson, the former executive pastor at Bayside, became the president of William Jessup University on March 23, 2011.

Why did Lincoln Brewster leave Bayside?

Brewster ended up at Bayside after a succession of bad ministry experiences left him bitter and skeptical, he said. A friend told him about a growing church in Granite Bay, so he and his wife, Laura, packed up their stuff and moved from their home in Nashville.

How many members does Bayside have?

Now, the 94,500-square-foot complex boasts a congregation of 10,000 people. The majority of churchgoers come from Roseville, Granite Bay and Rocklin, but people also travel in from Elk Grove, Sacramento, Vacaville, Lake Tahoe and other northern California cities.

Who is the pastor at Bayside adventure?

About Us. Bayside Adventure Sports is a ministry out of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA – but is open to all who want to join us! BAS is led by Founder and President, Greg Weisman – a staff pastor at Bayside Church.

Is Bayside a megachurch?

More than a half dozen other Churches carry the Bayside name, including one that has become a megachurch in its own right, but this is the location of the main campus. Founded in 1996. Huge parking areas, new modern buildings, a large main campus, two additional campuses and an extremely active congregation.

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Who are the pastors at Bayside Granite Bay?

The church is led by Senior Pastor Ray Johnston, Teaching Pastor Curt Harlow and Andrew McCourt, and Senior Worship Pastor Lincoln Brewster.

Who is Lincoln Brewster’s wife?

“Vacancy” is a musical ticktock detailing the end of a marriage and its scorched-earth aftermath; it’s probably the best album the members of Bayside, who got together as teenagers in 2000 and have now been together roughly half their lives, will ever make.

What kind of church is Bayside?

Beliefs. Bayside Church is a non-denominational Pentecostal church which is affiliated with Crosslink Christian Network, an Australian based group of Churches and Christian Ministries.

What denomination is Bayside Community Church?

PARRISH — Feeling the love of one of the fastest-growing congregations in Manatee County, Bayside Community Church will open its fifth campus Valentine’s Day. The nondenominational Christian megachurch started in 2002, and is growing to meet the needs of 7,500-plus members.

What does the ECC believe?

The ECC’s 1996 resolution adopted by the Covenant Annual Meeting entitled “Resolution on Human Sexuality” represents the ongoing consensus position of the ECC. The resolution upholds “celibacy, the state of abstaining (outside of marriage) in singleness, and heterosexual relations as the Christian standard”.