What other religious festivals are celebrated in December?

December is a month marked by observance and celebration by several religions and cultures. In recognition of these holidays, we’re highlighting the customs and traditional foods of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Yule. This year the Jewish holiday Hanukkah begins in November and ends in December.

What do other religions celebrate at Christmas?

How other religions celebrate Christmas

  • The Jewish Festival of Lights. Chanukah, or Hanukkah, lasts for eight days, beginning the 25th of the Hebrew month Kislev (November-December). …
  • Islam. …
  • Hindu. …
  • Wicca. …
  • Madmen. …
  • Festival of the ass.

What celebrations occur in December?

To celebrate and highlight this, we have put together a list of holidays that happen throughout December and the beginning of January.

  • Saint Nicholas Day. Date: December 6th. …
  • Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Date: December 12th. …
  • Saint Lucia’s Day. Date: December 13th. …
  • Hanukkah. …
  • Yule. …
  • Christmas Day. …
  • Kwanzaa. …
  • Omisoka.

How many different religions celebrate in December?

The Interfaith Calendar organization lists 15 religious holidays in December.

What is Pancha Ganapati?

Pancha Ganapati is a modern Hindu festival of the Five-Faced (pancha means “five”) Maha Ganapati — Lord of Categories. This festival falls during the thirty days of the Markali Pillaiyar home festival and lasts for five days — from December 21 through 25.

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Is Christmas a religious holiday?

Christmas was traditionally a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus, but in the early 20th century, it also became a secular family holiday, observed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

What Islamic holiday is in December?

Muslim holidays by their Gregorian dates

Year Start of Muharram1 Mawlid al-Nabi2
2016 Oct. 2 (A.H. 1438) Dec. 12 (A.H. 1438)
2017 Sept. 21 (A.H. 1439) Dec. 1 (A.H. 1439)
2018 Sept. 11 (A.H. 1440) Nov. 21 (A.H. 1440)
2019 Aug. 31 (A.H. 1441) Nov. 9 (A.H. 1441)

Are there any Hindu holidays in December?

Pancha Ganapati: a modern five-day Hindu festival celebrated from 21 through 25 December in honor of Ganesha.

How many holidays are there in winter?

A Look at the Most Widely Celebrated Winter Holidays

  • Hanukkah: December 10-18.
  • Las Posadas: December 16-24.
  • Winter Solstice/Yule/ Christmastide: December 21.
  • Soyal: December 22.
  • Christmas: December 25.
  • Kwanzaa: December 26-January 1.

How do Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati?

Pancha Ganapati is a five-day Hindu festival celebrated from December 21 through 25 in honor of Lord Ganesha, Patron of Arts and Guardian of Culture. During this festival, each family creates a shrine in their main living area with a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha.

What foods are eaten on Pancha Ganapati?

The foods eaten during Pancha Ganapati are usually sweets. The food is placed at the entrance of a shrine to mark a place of worship. After the daily puja, the food is given to the children.