How do you use YouVersion Bible offline?

Does the Bible app work without wifi?

The Android “OpenBibles” app does not need the Internet after you download the Bible(s). You can even turn on a split screen so you can look at two different translations at the same time. It works very well.

Does the YouVersion Bible app use data?

But the app’s creator, Bobby Gruenewald, told me that the data they collect is used to improve the experience of the app, with the aim of helping people globally to engage with the Bible. … According to Gruenewald, YouVersion follows all standard precautions to ensure their user data is safe.

What is wrong with the YouVersion Bible app?

YouVersion Bible is notorious for privacy violations and dangerous data collection. Yet, here it is: still seated firmly in the Play Store, racking up over 100 million installs with a whopping 22 permission requests.

What are the best offline Bible apps?

Youversion Bible, developed by Life Church is one good offline bible and of the very Best Offline Bible Apps For Android. The Bible comes with different bible versions which include over 1000+ languages you can switch.

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Is Bible com the same as YouVersion?

YouVersion (also known as or the Bible App) is an online and mobile Bible platform published for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many other operating systems; it also supports a variety of other platforms.

How does YouVersion make money?

YouVersion is part of the church, so it’s set up as a non-profit that doesn’t generate revenue or have exit plans. It’s funded entirely by donations ($3 million was donated to sustain the app last year) and by, which has poured $20 million into it.

How many GB is the Bible?

doc, . pdf, or . chm file with a whole bible (old and new testaments) and no commentary or cross-references is 4.5–6 megabytes, or 0.0045 to 0.006 gigabytes.

Can you change the voice on the YouVersion Bible app?

By default, YouVersion Rest will play for 30 minutes. If you want YouVersion Rest to keep playing, simply say “loop” while listening. … To change to a different voice, say “Alexa, ask YouVersion Rest to change the voice.” Brought to you by the creators of YouVersion Bible.

Who is behind YouVersion?

“As technologies emerge and create new possibilities, it’s important to us that the Bible be at the forefront of innovation,” said Bobby Gruenewald, Life. Church Pastor, Innovation Leader and YouVersion Founder.

Why is it called YouVersion?

EDMOND – In 2007, Decatur native Bobby Gruenewald created a Bible website for his church, dubbed “YouVersion,” that was designed to allow users to associate online media such as YouTube videos or Flickr photos with Bible verses.

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What denomination is YouVersion?

YouVersion, with over 600 Bible translations in more than 400 languages, is by far the church’s biggest success. The app is nondenominational, including versions embraced by Catholics, Russian Orthodox and Messianic Jews.