Frequent question: What religion were spread in the Indian Ocean trade route?

Another major export item along the classical Indian Ocean trade routes was religious thought. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism spread from India to Southeast Asia, brought by merchants rather than by missionaries.

Did the Indian Ocean trade spread Islam?

The Spread of Islam in the Indian Ocean World:

The Islamic faith spread rapidly from its origins in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century, having reached much of the coastal areas in the Indian Ocean world by the end of the 8th century. Much of this spread occurred as a result of trade.

Which religion spread most prominently thanks to trade routes on the Indian Ocean?

Islam often followed existing trade networks, and Muslim communities can be found not just along the Swahili coast in East Africa, but also in Indian and Chinese port cities as early as the 8th century. Eventually, Islam became a robust presence throughout the Indian Ocean world’s trading networks and port cities.

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How did culture spread on the Indian Ocean trade?

As merchants moved throughout the Indian Ocean network, they established diaspora communities (communities of immigrants living away from their homeland). Through these diaspora communities, merchants introduced their cultural traditions into local indigenous cultures.

How did the Indian Ocean trade route spread Islam?

The act of Hajj, an obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca, has long established a flow of Muslims across great distances throughout the Indian Ocean. … The Indian Ocean marketplace – a series of economic exchanges throughout East Africa, Arabian Peninsula, India, and China – played a huge role in the spread of Islam.

What religion was spread on the Silk Road?

Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and other religions spread along the Silk Road. The Qu’ran (or Koran) is the holy book of the Islamic religion. According to Islam it is the sacred word of God.

What crops spread along the Indian Ocean trade route?

Crops such as sugar cane, cotton, sesame, and rice were grown for export with irrigation, and became known elsewhere through the Indian Ocean trade.

How did Hinduism spread around the world?

Hinduism has been spread to other regions primarily by the migration of Hindus from one region to another. … Migration of Indian Hindus through Asia. Visitors to India who wished to learn about the Hindu spiritual path. Leadership positions of Hindu people in other countries.

How did religions spread into foreign lands?

As you read, consider the question: how did religions spread into foreign lands? People traveled along the Silk Road to buy and sell from one another. As they traveled, they also shared with others their religions. The religions of Islam and Buddhism spread all over Asia and became important to cultures far and wide.

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How did the expansion of Islam expand the Indian Ocean trade?

How did the expansion of Islam expand the Indian Ocean Trade network? Muslim merchants traveled to foreign lands looking for trading partners, and along the way, they started to make connections and spread Islam. What trading partners are connected? Those in East Africa, East and Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

What role did Buddhist monasteries play in spreading Buddhism and promoting trade?

Buddhism and the Buddhist monasteries contributed to the development of th3 Silk Road and east-west trade by minting gold coins that were essential to pilgrims and to long distant acne trade. … The monasteries also built sanghas at strategic points along the trade route.

How did trade in the Indian Ocean determine the geography and demographics of the region?

How did trade in The Indian Ocean determine the geography and demographics of the region? High taxes motivate traders to find other routes. Reliance upon trade makes cities vulnerable to peaks and troughs in the global economy. How are merchant centers throughout the region further influenced by trade?