Frequent question: Can churches use Spotify?

The pastor of a church, or someone else working at the church, such as the music minister, can set up a Spotify account and share playlists with members of the church, by sending them a link through e-mail, or posting a link to the playlists on the church website.

Do churches need a music licence?

Protect your church.

The CCLI® Church Copyright Licence™ permits churches to project or print out the words and music to the world’s great worship songs and hymns. With this licence, the church is covered for recording services on behalf of those unable to attend in person.

Can a church live stream music?

While the Religious Service Exemption in US copyright law outlines the permissions for churches to perform songs that are copyrighted during their religious services, it does not permit that performance to be streamed or broadcast over the Internet.

Can you play Spotify at an event?

As laid out in our Terms and Conditions, Spotify is only for personal, non-commercial use. This means you can’t broadcast or play Spotify publicly from a business, such as bars, restaurants, schools, stores, salons, dance studios, radio stations, etc.

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Can a church play copyrighted music?

While churches are typically permitted to play and perform copyrighted songs during worship services, the law generally only extends to live, in-person performances. Another license is often required to play, perform, or otherwise use any copyrighted material in a recording or broadcast.

Can I use YouTube music in church?

Restrictions on the use of copyrighted music

Without a license from the copyright owner, churches are not allowed to: Broadcast online (or otherwise) the performance of copyrighted music. Broadcast the lyrics to a copyrighted song.

Are church hymns copyrighted?

Sermons and other forms of oral or written ministry are subject to copyright. As is the music performed by a church band.

How can we livestream worship legally?

For live streaming, CCLI has a streaming license. This allows churches to podcast, post videos recording of a live service for playback, or stream live. This license also requires the CCLI Copyright License.

Does CCLI cover anthems?

The generic CCLI covers printing of songs, hymns, and lyrics for congregational singing. … The CCLI license also covers your lyric projection…for congregational singing.

Is it legal to play YouTube videos in church?

Showing content from video-sharing websites in church

Put simply, you should always have permission from the copyright owner, regardless of the source. … With a staggering number of videos being uploaded to the internet every minute, it is impossible for any platform to control or police the content being uploaded.

Do I need a PPL licence to play Spotify?

Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and other popular digital music platforms are only licensed for home/personal use. Even if you have the above PPL and PRS licences, you are not permitted to use these platforms. The PPL and PRS licences that you pay for each year allow you to play music in your venue.

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Do I need a licence to play Spotify at work?

You can listen to the songs to yourself as much as you like, but it is illegal to play in public. Playing the downloaded music in your business, however, would violate copyright law because the act is now considered a public performance. You must license music for commercial use.

What music can I play without a licence?

Here are five suggestions that will allow you to play music without the costs:

  • Play the radio. …
  • Play classical music. …
  • Play copyright-free music. …
  • Play original music. …
  • Sell recorded music. …
  • Cut out a performing rights society.

What is not covered by CCLI?

Activities Not Permitted

Distribute copies of Songs outside of the jurisdiction of your license and church. Copy or duplicate choral sheet music, cantatas, musicals, handbell music, keyboard arrangements, vocal solos, instrumental works or music education publications.

Is Hillsong copyrighted?

The church gives any church or place of worship permission to play or perform Hillsong’s music as an act of worship without paying a performance copyright, which means anywhere around the world, a Hillsong song can be played for free with the lyrics projected on a screen.

Does my church need a CCLI license?

If you are live streaming using YouTube or Facebook, the CCLI Church Copyright License is all that you need. You do not need another license from PRS. However, if you are streaming using another platform, then you also need the PRS Limited Online Music License (LOML).