Does religion get a capital letter?

Do You Capitalize Religions? Yes. When referring to religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. you should always capitalize the word since religions are proper nouns.

Does religion need a capital letter?

Capitalize the names of religions, religious followers, holidays, and religious writings. The names of gods and goddesses are capitalized. … Believers also capitalize pronouns (like he and him) when referring to God. “God” is only capitalized when being used as a name.

Does Christianity need a capital letter?

Do not, however, capitalize the names of seasons (spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter). … Names of religions and religious terms: God, Christ, Allah, Buddha, Christianity, Christians, Judaism, Jews, Islam, Muslims. Names of courses: Economics, Biology 101.

Should Catholic religion be capitalized?

What about Catholicism? Since Catholicism is a noun referring to the Catholic religion, it is capitalized as well. To learn more about proper title capitalization rules, give our free title capitalization tool a try.

Does Protestant have a capital letter?

religions. 1. Capitalize the names of major religions, their adherents and the adjectives derived from them: the Anglican Church, Anglicanism, Buddhist, Buddhism, Catholic, Catholicism, Confucian, Confucianism, Hindu, Hinduism, Judaism, Protestant, Protestantism, Roman Catholic Church, etc.

Is paganism capitalized?

Today, the terms Pagan and Paganism (capitalized) refer to alternative nature-based religions, whose adherents claim their identity as Pagan. … They are using it positively, not to mean “godless” or “lacking (true) religion.”

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Is Catholic with a capital C?

Catholic–The word comes from the Greek meaning “through the whole,” that is “universal,” “world-wide,” “all inclusive.” This is the meaning when the word starts with a lower-case c as in “We need to become more catholic in our attitudes.” In talking about the “Catholic church” (Catholic with a capital C), members …

Is Bible capitalized in Bible study?

You always capitalize Bible when referring to a proper noun including the various versions of both the Christian and Jewish Bibles.