Do I have to follow my parents religion?

The Bible explicitly says that parents are expected to bring their children up in faith. … You get raised in faith, you obey your parents and you don’t do anything that brings them dishonour. However, lifelong faith and obedience is not possible for everyone.

Can your parents force you to be religious?

It’s entirely within parental legal rights to require you to attend chosen family religious services and observe family religious practices. It’s not against the law.

What are you if you don’t follow a religion?

Non-religious people can be called atheists or agnostics, but to describe things, activities, or attitudes that have nothing to do with religion, you can use the word secular. Public schools are secular, but Catholic schools are not.

Is it necessary to follow a religion?

There isn’t any necessary connection between religion and morality. … We’ve been moral beings for many years before we were religious. And, arguably, some religions aren’t moral at all. So, for example, some cultures have a belief in mischievous or even bad spirits.

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How do you tell your parents you don’t believe in their religion?

Do it calmly and coherently. Explain the reasons why you decided to stop believing, and make it clear that it is not an act of rebelliousness. Tell them you still respect their beliefs and do not want this to change the relationship you have with them.”.

Can children refuse to go to church?

Yes. A child who is old enough to question their parents’ religion is old enough to not attend services. To force a child to attend and be bullied into “believing” or behaving like they do believe is abusive.

Why you shouldn’t force your child to go to church?

Forcing our children to attend church is not a guarantee that they will follow the Lord as adults; however, it does provide them with a strong Christian foundation with which to build their life upon. There is no better gift that a parent can give.

Can you believe in God without religion?

Agnostic theism, agnostotheism or agnostitheism is the philosophical view that encompasses both theism and agnosticism. An agnostic theist believes in the existence of a God or Gods, but regards the basis of this proposition as unknown or inherently unknowable.

What is a religion without a god called?

Agnosticism. Agnosticism is the view that the truth of metaphysical claims regarding, in particular, the existence of a god or gods, or even ultimate reality, is unknown and may be impossible to know. One can be an agnostic as well as an atheist or religious believer.

Is it a sin to be agnostic?

The agnostic philosophy is not a sin. It is just a stance that religious leaders think will undermine their authority.

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Is religion a trap?

Originally Answered: Are religions traps? Yes. Even the ones that are set up to liberate you still want you to interpret your liberation through their particular lens of scriptures and metaphysics.

How do atheists deal with religious parents?

Just tell them the analogy, ask them do they believe it. If they say ,“No,” ask them why not. If they say that you can’t see it and there’s no proof tell them that you feel the same way about gods. Politely and kindly.

Should I tell my mom I’m an atheist?

You don’t have an obligation to disclose your atheism to your parents, but it’ll certainly make things easier if you do. If you want your parents to continue making the same assumption that you have vague but active spiritual beliefs, you’ll have to resign yourself to coming up with excuses or telling out-and-out lies.

How do I deal with religious parents?

How To Get Along With Parents You Disagree With

  1. Be Honest. …
  2. Make It Clear That You’re Not Trying To Change Their Minds. …
  3. Ask Them To Be Respectful Of Your Beliefs. …
  4. Accept That There May Be Certain Topics You Want To Avoid For Now. …
  5. Don’t Ever Say, “You’re Wrong” …
  6. Acknowledge The Fact That Your Opinions Could Change Over Time.